The 60th regular seminar: Ray Duch,Centre for Experimental Social Sciences,Nuffield College,University of Oxford, ”Cash for COVID-19 Vaccines? The Ghana Financial Incentives Trial”


The 59th regular seminar: Dr. Kazumitsu Nawata, HIAS, Hitotsubashi University, “Heart Diseases, Hypertension and Effects of Antihypertensive Medications: Is Hypertension a True Risk Factor of Heart Diseases?”


The 58th regular seminar : Rashedul Islam,Hitotsubashi University,”A comprehensive assessment of age-appropriate vaccination coverage in 41 low- and middle-income countries, 2000-2030″


The 57th regular seminar : Dr. Josselin Thuiliez,Centre d’Économie de la Sorbonne,”An economic-epidemiological model with endogenous behavior and learning: theory and tests”


The 56th regular seminar : Stefan Lipman,Erasmus University Rotterdam,”Tailored financial incentives for health behaviour”


The 55th regular seminar : Mizanur Rahman,Hitotsubashi University,”Global, regional, and national progress in financial risk protection towards universal health coverage, 2000-2030: a Bayesian Hierarchical Analysis”


The 54th regular seminar : Kazumitsu Nawata,Hitotsubashi University,”Analyses of hypertension and diabetes using the large scale health checkup dataset and relations of mental health and working conditions”


The 53rd regular seminar : Shamima Akter, Hitotsubashi University, “Effectiveness of population level tobacco control policies to manage noncommunicable diseases: a systematic review and network meta-analysis”


The 52nd regular seminar : Ayako Honda,Hitotsubashi University,”Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic under different healthcare financing models – a comparative study of Brazil, Canada, France, and Japan”


The 51st regular seminar : Mizanur Rahman,Hitotsubashi University,”Forgone healthcare resulting from different barrier dimensions: a systematic review and meta-analysis”


The 50th regular seminar : Hongming Wang, Hitotsubashi University, “Covid-19 vaccine prioritization in Japan”


The 49th regular seminar : Diasuke Moriwaki,AI Lab,”Nudging Preventive Behaviors in COVID-19 Crisis: A Large Scale RCT using Smartphone Advertising”


The 48th regular seminar : Peter Eibich, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, “Care or self-care? The impact of informal care provision on health behaviour”


The 47th regular seminar : Eiji Mangyo, Nagoya University, “Relative Deprivation and Health: Re-examination and its Mechanisms”


The 46th regular seminar : Khin Thet Swe, Hitotsubashi University, “Impact of poverty reduction on access to water and sanitation in low- and lower-middle income countries: country specific projection to 2030”


The 44th regular seminar : Dr. Arthur Attema, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, ”Measuring risk and time preferences for health and money” and “Multivariate risk preferences in the QALY model”


The 42nd regular seminar : Yasushi Hara, Hitotsubashi University, ”Drug Discovery in Japan – Investigating the Sources of Innovation.”


The 43rd regular seminar : Hongming Wang, Hitotsubashi University, ”Expanding health insurance with mandate and subsidy: theory and evidence from Massachusetts”


The 40th regular seminar : Masaki Takahashi, Hitotsubashi University, ”The Behavioral Effect of Insurance Coverage and Its Health Consequences: Evidence from Long-Term Care.”


[Open position] Assistant Professor or Research Associate (closing date; Monday 2nd September 2019 (JST))


Dr. Masaki Takahashi, a postdoctoral researcher of Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS), has newly joined the center.


Visited BIOTOPIA for a preliminary investigation of Demonstration experiment on the effect of use of Flicker Health Management System on consciousness level of self-medication


The 39th Regular Seminar:Thomas Rouyard, Hitotsubashi University, ” A behavioural economics approach to personalised risk communication: nudging people with Type 2 diabetes towards a healthier lifestyle.”


Dr. Makoto Tobe and Prof. Masako Ii gave lectures for the training course held in Japan for Senegalese counterparts of the “Project for Strengthening Capacity of Community Health Insurance System and Free Health Care Initiatives in Senegal”


Dr. Thomas Rouyard, a postdoctoral researcher of Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS), has newly joined the center.


HIAS Health researchers participated in WONCA Asia Pacific regional conference 2019 and chaired Plenary Sessions


Three researchers of HIAS Health participated in 8th HTAsiaLink Annual Conference, Seoul National University, Korea


Dr. Reo Takaku, an Associate Professor of Graduate school of Economics, has newly joined the center.


Dr. Ryota Nakamura and Dr. Ying Yao participated in a seminar at Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University, Korea


The 37th Regular Seminar/Hitotsubashi International Seminar:Jongsay Yong, University of Melbourne, Australia, “the effects of socioeconomic status on hospital utilization and adverse events.”