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Studying Healthcare and Long-Term Care through Social Science
– Short-term Intensive Program for Professionals

The Social Cooperation Program is an advanced professional education program for employees of hospitals, medical institutions, long-term care institutions, insurance companies, etc. consisting of intensive lectures given at a downtown campus (Chiyoda Campus of Hitotsubashi University) on weekends, etc.

The program provides a coherent curriculum ranging from the basics of health economics and management to applied and practical education with the objective of contributing to solving challenges of healthcare and long-term care in clinical settings as well as in policy formation while cultivating perspectives for overall optimization (grand design) encompassing community medicine, through study of the analytical methods of economics and other social sciences based on evidence (data) and logic. In addition to classroom lectures, various case studies and workshops, etc., will be carried out according to the needs of the participants.

The program mainly targets healthcare professionals (doctors and nurses), long-term care providers, practitioners of health insurance finance at health insurance societies and the like, healthcare consultants and local government representatives as well as representatives of corporations, NPOs, etc. considering involvement in healthcare management in the future.

The 2021 Program will be held on November 6, 7 and 13, 14. The course is scheduled to take place at the Chiyoda Campus of Hitotsubashi University but may be switched to an online course due to the spread of COVID-19. Updates will be announced on this homepage(Japanese only).

Certificate of Completion
Participants who have fulfilled the requirements for completion of the program will be granted a certificate of completion.
Campus and Class Hours
Classes are to be held at the Chiyoda Campus of Hitotsubashi University on weekends and public holidays as a rule.