On April 1st, 2017, the Research Center for Health Policy and Economics newly appointed 8 researchers as the adjunct researchers.
Please visit "Researchers" page for detailed information of those researchers.
IGARASHI, AtaruAssociate Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
IBUKA, YokoAssociate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University
SAKAGUCHI, HiromasaLecturer, Graduate School of Health and Welfare, International University of Health and Welfare
NISHIMURA, ShuzoDirector General, Institute for Health Economics and Policy
MASUHARA, HiroakiAssociate Professor, Shinshu University, Faculty of Economics and Law
MORIYAMA, MichikoProfessor, Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences, Hiroshima University
YUDA, MichioAssociate Professor, Chukyo University Scool of Economics
WATANABE, RyoResearch Associate, Tokyo Medical University                   (in Japanese Alphabet order)
The adjunct researcher appointed from the previous fiscal year.
SEKIMOTO, MihoHead Physician, Department of Anesthesia, Saiseikai Suita Hospital