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Lecturer,School of Health Innovation, Kanagawa University of Human Services Graduate School


Dr. Ryo Watanabe is a Lecturer, School of Health Innovation, Kanagawa University of Human Services Graduate School from 2017. Before that he was a research associate at Tokyo Medical University, Tokyo, Japan. His academic disciplines include health economics, health administration, and managerial accounting in healthcare. As a researcher, he is focusing on the effectiveness of the balanced scorecard [BSC] at the health care institutions and health technology assessment [HTA] using large datasets. He received his B. S. H. from Ohio University and Master of Public Health from University of Tokyo School of Public Health. He received his Ph. D. at Hitotsubashi University in 2015.

【Recent Publications】

Arai, K., Koi, K., Watanabe, R., Sakaguchi, H., and Yokoya, S., “Importance of care process management in terms of financial perspective: based on knowledge of hospital managers,” The Journal of Japan Society for Health Care Management, 16(4), 209-213, 2016.

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