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HIAS Postdoctoral Researcher, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study, Hitotsubashi University


Thomas Rouyard holds an MSc in Economics from the Paris School of Economics, France, and a Ph. D. in Population Health from the University of Oxford, UK. His research interests lie in the area of global health, including theoretical and empirical work to inform the design of health-related interventions and policies. In particular, he is interested in using insights from behavioural economics to explore new approaches to improve the prevention and management of lifestyle-related diseases.
Before joining HIAS in June 2019, Thomas was a Doctoral Transition Fellow supported by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology(EIT) at the University of Oxford.

【Recent publications】 Rouyard, T., A. Attema, R. Baskerville, J. Leal, A. Gray, "Risk attitudes of people with ‘manageable’ chronic disease: an analysis under prospect theory," Social Science & Medicine, 214, 144-153, 2018.
Rouyard, T., J. Leal, R. Baskerville, C. Velardo, D. Salvi, A. Gray, "Nudging people with Type 2 diabetes towards better self-management through personalised risk communication: a pilot randomised controlled trial in primary care," Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, e00022, 2018.
Rouyard, T., S. Kent, R. Baskerville, J. Leal, A. Gray, "Perceptions of risks for diabetes-related complications in Type 2 diabetes populations: a systematic review," Diabetic Medicine, 34(4), 467-477, 2017.