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Specially Appointed Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University


After working for eleven years as a researcher and economist in the Japanese government and at J.P. Morgan, Takashi Oshio started his academic career from 1994 and has been serving at Hitostubashi University since 2009 as a professor at the Institute of Economic Research. He obtained a Ph. D. in international public policy from Osaka University in 2002. His research has largely focused on social security, income distribution, education policy, and other issues related to public finance. For health and medical issues, his interests are in public health, social epidemiology, and occupational health, all expected to make a great contributions through an interdisciplinary approach. He has published several journal articles in these fields and has published more than ten books in Japanese, including Welfare Analysis of Income Redistribution (2010, Nihon Hyoronsha) and Determinants of Happiness (2014, Nikkei Newspaper Press).


【Committee service, etc.】

April, 2020 - present Chairperson of Central Social Insurance Medical Council

【Selected Publications】
  • Takashi Oshio, Satoshi Shimizutani, and Aiko Kikkawa, “Health capacity to work among older Japanese persons,” Asian Development Review, forthcoming.
  • Takashi Oshio and Ruru Ping, “Trust, interaction with neighbors, and vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional analysis of Chinese data,” Vaccines, 2023, 11, 1332.
  • Ruru Ping and Takashi Oshio, “Education level as a predictor of the onset of health problems among China’s middle-aged population: Cox regression analysis,” Frontiers in Public Health, 2023, 11, 1187336.
  • Takashi Oshio, Kemmyo Sugiyama, and Toyo Ashida, “Effect of social activities on health checkups and recommended doctor visits: a fixed-effects analysis in Japan,” Industrial Health, in press.
  • Takashi Oshio and Satoshi Shimizutani, “Will working longer enhance the health of older adults? A pooled analysis of repeated cross-sectional data in Japan,” Journal of Epidemiology, 2023, 33 (1), 15-22.

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