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Professor, Graduate school of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
Professor, School of International and Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University


Masako II graduated from International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo and then the University of Wisconsin, Madison (Ph. D. in Economics) in 1993. After working as a researcher at the World Bank, she started her academic career in 1995 as an associate professor at Yokohama National University. She has been serving at Hitotsubashi University since 2004 and took her present position in 2005. Her research interest is the economic evaluation of healthcare systems, including: 1) healthcare system reforms with primary care policy implementation, 2) cost-effective analysis, and 3) international comparisons of healthcare cost statistics. She also teaches at Graduate School of International and Public Policy at Hitostubashi University and gives lectures that bridge theory and actual policies. Her publications include a Japanese book titled Healthcare System in Asia, University of Tokyo Press, 2009.


【Committee service etc.】

Member of Tax Commission, Cabinet Office
Editor, Japanese Journal of Health Economics and Policy
Editor, Journal of Health and Society
Member of the Board of Governors, NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation

【Recent Publications】
    • Ii, M., "The paradox of the COVID-19 pandemic: the impact on patient demand in Japanese hospitals," mimeo, 2021.
    • Ii, M. and B. Niu, "Are Japanese People Satisfied with Their Health Care System and Services? Empirical Evidence from Survey Data," Health Policy, in press.
    • van Weel, C., R. Kassai, Gr. W. Tsoi, S. J. Hwang, K. Cho, S. Y. Wong, C. Phui-Nah, S. Jiang, M. Ii, and F. Goodyear-Smith, “Evolving Health Policy for Primary Care in the Asia Pacific Region,” British Journal of General Practice, 66(647), e451-3, 2016.
    • Sekimoto, M. and M. Ii, “Supplier-Induced Demand for Chronic Disease Care in Japan: Multilevel Analysis of the Association between Physician Density and Physician-Patient Encounter Frequency,” Value in Health Regional Issues, 6, 103-110, 2015.
    • Ii, M., "Protecting Our Lives through Healthcare Reform," Japan SPOTLIGHT, Jan/Feb, 16-19, 2014
    • Ii, M., “Challenges in Reforming the Japanese Health Care System," Clements, B., D. Coady, and S. Gupta. (Eds.) The Economics of Public Health Care Reform in Advanced and Emerging Economies, International Monetary Fund, Publication Services, 2012.
    • Sawada, Y., K. Nawata, M. Ii, and M.J. Lee, “Did the Financial Crisis in Japan Affect Household Welfare Seriously?" Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 43 (2-3), 297-324, 2011.
    • Behruzi, R., M. Hatem, W. Faser, L. Goulet, M. Ii, and C. Misago, "Facilitators and barriers in the humanization of childbirth practice in Japan," BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 10 (1), 1, 2010.
    • Nawata, K., M. Ii, H. Toyama, T. Takahashi, "Evaluation of the Inclusive Payment System Based on the Diagnosis Procedure Combination with Respect to Cataract Operations in Japan,” Health, 1(2), 93-103, 2009.

【Oral presentations】

        • WONCA European Regional Conference 2020, Decision-making under uncertainty: results from a multisector 'think tank' exploring how to make a difference in Japan, December, 2020(online)
        • Chair and Speaker, WONCA Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2019, Plenary Session 5 : Cost-effectiveness, How to tackle NCDs in the era of tightening budget constraints: experts opinions “Why do we need health technology assessments (HTAs)”, 17 May, 2019, Kyoto
        • Speaker, WONCA Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2019. Plenary Session 6 : Research Scaling-up regional comparative outcome studies on countries’ health systems and primary care status “Primary health care data to support health-economics: Turning soft values in hard data” , 17 May, 2019, Kyoto
        • Discussant, Session 2: Measures to Achieve Sustainable Healthcare System Tokyo Fiscal Forum 2016 “Fiscal Policy for Long-term Growth and Sustainability in Aging Societies: Achieving Sustainable Social Spending,” organized by Ministry of Finance, IMF, and ADBI, June 6-7, 2016 Tokyo
        • Discussant, Session 2: Challenges in Expenditure: Social Spending in Aging Societies Tokyo Fiscal Forum 2015 “Fiscal Policy for Long-Term Growth and Sustainability in Aging Societies organized by Ministry of Finance, IMF, and ADBI, June 10-11, 2015, Tokyo
        • Speaker, Plenary Symposium 'Primary Health Care Policy Implementation', Asia Pacific Regional Conference of the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), March 05 - 08 2015, Taipei, Taiwan
        • “The Role of Primary Health Care in Controlling the Cost of Specialist Health Care,” International Symposium on Managing Integration of Long Term Care of Elderly, September 28, 2014, Shinagawa, Tokyo
        • Chair, Symposium: Health Care Financing, Asia Pacific Regional Conference of the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) 2014, May 21-24, 2014, Kuching, Malaysia
        • “Reform Strategies: the Experience of Advanced Asian Economies, Japan Case Study,” IMF Public Health Care Reform in Asia, October 3, 2011, Tokyo
        • "A Universal Health-care System and the High Cost of Anti-cancer Drug," The 23rd International Symposium, Recent Progress on Breast Cancer: Challenges to Integration of Emerging Sciences, April 23-25, 2010, Tokyo.
        • "Health care for the elderly-how should finance the costs," 19th PECC (Pacific Economic Cooperation Council) General Meeting and 2nd International Workshop on Social Resilience, October 2010, Tokyo.
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