Hitotsubashi University held the 9th Asia Policy Forum, co-organized with Renmin University of China, on July 2nd, 2019. The theme of the forum was: "Creating Changes in Health and Care Systems Towards Sustainable Development in Ageing Society."
Liming Wang, Executive Vice President for research and graduate education and Vice Chairman of the University Council
Renmin University of China
Atsushi Yamada, Vice President
Hitotsubashi University
Hitoshi Aoki, Director of Hitotsubashi University Asian Center in China
Hitotsubashi University
After the introduction of Atsushi Yamada (Vice President, Hitotsubashi University) and Liming Wang ( Vice Chairman of the University Council, Renmin University of China), the forum consisted of 6 presentations followed by active discussions.
Three researchers from HIAS Health presented their work on this occasion:
- Masako Ii (Professor, Graduate school of Economics/Professor, School of International and Public Policy), with a talk entitled: "Building Healthcare Satisfaction: How Can We Use Empirical Evidence from Survey Data?"
- Ryota Nakamura (Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study): "Achieving Best Value for Money in Preventing Noncommunicable Diseases: Analysis of GlobalEvidence Base and Local Case Studies”
- Takashi Oshio (Professor, Institute of Economic Research): "Preventive Impact of Social Participation on the Onset of Non-Communicable Diseases amongMiddle-Aged Adults".
Masako Ii, Professor of School of International and Public Policy
Hitotsubashi University
<HIAS Health Researcher>
Takashi Oshio, Professor of Institute of Economic Research
Hitotsubashi University
<HIAS Health Researcher>
Ryota Nakamura, Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study
Hitotsubashi University
<HIAS Health Researcher>
Flyer with program (in Japanese) download <PDF>


Both Hitotsubashi University and Renmin University of China are members of SIGMA (Societal Impact and Global Management Alliance), an international partnership among 9 universities with highly competitive business administration faculties/MBA courses and research and education capabilities in social sciences.
The alliance includes nine universities: Hitotsubashi University (Japan), Singapore Management University (Singapore), the University of St. Gal­len (Switzerland), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria), Paris Dauphine University (France), ESADE Business School (Spain), Funda­ção Getulio Vargas (Brazil), and Renmin University of China (People’s Republic of China)