Three researchers of HIAS Health, Dr. Ryota Nakamura (Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study), Dr. Ying Yao  (HIAS Postdoctoral Researcher, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study), and Dr. Ataru Igarashi Associate Professor,  Yokohama City University, School of Medicine) participated in the 8th HTAsiaLink Annual Conference, which was held from April 24 to 27, 2019 at Seoul National University, Korea.
Dr. Nakamura and Dr. Yao served as members of Scientific Advisory Committee and contributed organizing the annual conference. Dr. Nakamura who also served as a member of the International Organizing Committee of the conference, contributed to a plenary session as a panelist. Dr. Igarashi gave a presentation titled "QALY estimation for HTA:The EuroQol approach" at a pre-conference session.
A postgraduate student, Arisa Shichijo, School of International and Public Policy (IPP), Hitotsubashi University, participated in the conference. She gave an oral presentation titled "Achieving best value for money in preventing noncommunicable diseases: an analysis of global evidence base and local case studies."
HTAsiaLink is a network to support collaboration between health technology assessment (HTA) agencies and research institutions in the Asia Pacific region. It focuses on facilitating HTA research by accelerating information and resources sharing and developing an efficient methodology for HTA in the region. HIAS Health has been an institutional member of HTAsiaLink since April 2018.
The 8th HTAsiaLink Annual Conference Website <external link>