HIAS Health co-organized together with Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing (CREA), Singapore Management University (SMU), a Japan-Singapore Academic Forum and Policy Roundtable on the 29th and 30th of August 2018. Health and labor-related findings from the two nations' panel data of elderies were presented followed by the discussion about their policy implications.
For the two-day event, from Japan participated six researchers, mostly of HIAS Health including the Director of HIAS Health, Motohiro Sato. Kicked off with welcome remarks from Singapore Management University’s President, Arnoud De Meyer, and Hitotsubashi University’s Executive Vice President and Dean of the Centre for International Joint Research, Satoshi Nakano, the Academic Forum on the first day includes 10 academic presentations using data from either the Japanese Study of Aging and Retirement (JSTAR), which is a survey conducted by the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) , Hitotsubashi University and the University of Tokyo (joined from the second survey) from 2007 targeting people over 50, or the Singapore Life Panel which is a large scale panel survey of more than 10,000 people of 50 - 70 years of age conducted by CREA.
To see the speakers and the presentation titles, please refere to the programme. <Programme PDF >
Prof. Satoshi Nakano, Hitotsubashi University’s Executive Vice President,  hands a token to Prof. Arnoud De Meyer, the President of SMUProf. Motohiro Sato, the director of HIAS Health,  tolks with Prof. Bryce Hool, Dean of School of Economics, SMUSpeakers of the Academic Forum
The health and labor policy roundtable took place the next day, consisting of 4 presenters from HIAS Health and CREA, who shared policy implications based on the previous days academic findings with regards to long term care, saving behavior, public pension and work expectations.
Prof. Takashi Oshio, the director of Institute of Economic Research, Hitotubashi University/a member of HIAS Health) presents on Health related issues in the Roundtable Prof. Emiko Usui (an Associate Professor of Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University) presents of Labor related issues in the Roundtable

 Roundtable during presentations

Programme of Japan-Singapore Academic Forum and Policy Roundtable <PDF>
Event report page in CREA, SMU website
JSTAR:Japanese Study of Aging and Retirement
Singapore Life Panel