Three researchers of HIAS Health, Dr. Ryota Nakamura (Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study), Dr. Ying Yao  (HIAS Postdoctoral Researcher, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study), and Dr. Yoko Ibuka (Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University) participated in the 7th HTAsiaLink Annual Conference, which was held from May 8 to 11 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
At the conference, the HIAS Health researchers served as discussants for oral presentation sessions on health technology assessment and health systems analysis. They also linked up and exchanged opinions with researchers and policymakers from the member regions, including HITAP of Thailand, to expand the existing research/institutional network and to initiate new research projects.
At the member meeting, HIAS Health was elected as a board member of HTAsiaLink for 2018–19. Together with other members of the Link, we are committed to contributing to help advance policies and capacity building in health technology assessment in the Asia Pacific.
HIAS Health has been an institutional member of HTAsiaLink since April 2018, and currently is the country representative institution of Japan.

 At the venue

Dr. Yoko Ibuka and Dr. Ying Yao

With Dr. Yot Teerawattananon,
the Founding Leader of HITAP


HTAsiaLink is a network to support collaboration between Asian health technology assessment (HTA) agencies. It focuses on facilitating HTA research by accelerating information and resources sharing and developing an efficient methodology for HTA in the region.


HITAP(Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program)is a semi-autonomous research unit under Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health.
In November 2017, HIAS Health invited Dr. Yot Teerawattananon, the Founding Leader, and Ms. Waranya Rattanavipapong, the head of International Unit of HITAP, to organize a workshop "Hitotsubashi University Health Economics International Workshop".
Hitotsubashi University Health Economics International Workshop (Click here)