On Tuesday 6, February, 2018, Hitostubashi University and Singapore Management University held their 2nd Webinar, a workshop using a Web conference system, titled “Ageing and Healthcare Economics and Management.”
From SMU, Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing (CREA) participated in this Webinar and reported the some results of analysis of Singapore Life Panel data. From Hitotsubashi University, a member of HIAS Health, Prof. Hiroki Hayashi (Professor, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University) reported the types of measures taken by municipals in Tokyo prefecture to monitoring elderly person, as activities to enhance "Community-base integrated care system."
This Webinar was held as an activity of SIGMA*.
*SIGMA (Societal Impact and Global Management Alliance): A world-wide alliance of 9 universities which have strength in Social Science.
Alliance membersCopenhagen Business School (Denmark)
 ESADE Business School (Spain)
 Fundacao Getulio Vargas (Brazil)
 Hitotsubashi University
 Renmin University of China (China)
 Singapore Management University (Singapore)
 Universite Paris Dauphine (France)
 University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)
 Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria)
iCity Lab (SMU-Tara Consultancy Services’ (TCS’) Intelligent Cities Project)
CREA(Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing)
Singapore Management University (SMU)