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This course consists of lectures by Professor Mark Sculpher from Center for Health Economics at the University of York in the UK, one of the leading institutes of research and education of health economics. The lectures address theory and practice of cost-effectiveness analysis of healthcare technologies.
The course is designed for post-graduate students and professionals in the health sector, and is aimed for participants to learn cost-effectiveness analysis in a practical manner by using a spreadsheet software. Japanese researchers will support the participants by answering individual questions.
To apply, please submit your online application form by Monday April 10 from here. There will be a selection process based on the application form. The result will be announced individually to all applicants by Friday April 14.


9:45-9:50Opening remarks
9:50-10:00Overview of the course
10:00-11:00Lesson 1Methods of cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA)   (30 min lecture and 30 min practice)What is cost-effectiveness analysis?
What measure of benets?
Selecting options to compare
Decision rules
Thresholds – conceptual and empirical
Issues and debates
11:00-12:00 Lesson 2Different vehicles for CEA  (30 min lecture and 30 min practice)Trials and models in cost-effectiveness analysis
Examples of trial-based studies
Problems with trial-based studies
Key elements of decision modelling
12:00-12:00 Lunch
12:00-15:00 Lesson 3Introduction to decision modeling  (30 min lecture and 30 min practice)Why modelling?
Decision trees
Basic Markov modelling
Uncertainty analysis
Short Course Flyer download (PDF) 
Organiser: Research Center for Health Policy and Economics, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study
Co-sponsor: The Kikawada Foundation (The 21-Seiki Bunka Gakujyutsu Zaidan)