The 54th regular seminar : Kazumitsu Nawata,Hitotsubashi University,”Analyses of hypertension and diabetes using the large scale health checkup dataset and relations of mental health and working conditions”
The 53rd regular seminar : Shamima Akter,Hitotsubashi University,”Effectiveness of population level tobacco control policies to manage noncommunicable diseases: a systematic review and network meta-analysis”
The 52nd regular seminar : Ayako Honda,Hitotsubashi University,”Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic under different healthcare financing models – a comparative study of Brazil, Canada, France, and Japan”
The 51st regular seminar : Mizanur Rahman,Hitotsubashi University,”Forgone healthcare resulting from different barrier dimensions: a systematic review and meta-analysis”
The 50th regular seminar : Hongming Wang,Hitotsubashi University,"Covid-19 vaccine prioritization in Japan"
The 49th regular seminar : Daisuke Moriwaki,AI Lab,"Nudging Preventive Behaviors in COVID-19 Crisis: A Large Scale RCT using Smartphone Advertising"
The 48th regular seminar : Dr. Peter Eibich,Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research,"Care or self-care? The impact of informal care provision on health behaviour"
The 47th regular seminar : Eiji Mangyo, Nagoya University, "Relative Deprivation and Health: Re-examination and its Mechanisms"
The 46th regular seminar : Khin Thet Swe, Hitotsubashi University, "Impact of poverty reduction on access to water and sanitation in low- and lower-middle income countries: country specific projection to 2030"
The 44th regular seminar : Dr. Arthur Attema, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, ”Reference-dependent discounting for health and money: evidence from risky timing prospects” and "Multivariate risk preferences in the QALY model"