The 61st regular seminar : Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai,Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program (HITAP), Ministry of Public Health of Thailand,” Health technology assessment and health system research in Thailand : the case of Evusheld and high-cost users “
The 60th regular seminar : Ray Duch,Centre for Experimental Social Sciences,Nuffield College,University of Oxford
The 59th regular seminar : Kazumitsu Nawata,Hitotsubashi University,”Heart Diseases, Hypertension and Effects of Antihypertensive Medications: Is Hypertension a True Risk Factor of Heart Diseases?”
The 58th regular seminar : Rashedul Islam,Hitotsubashi University,”A comprehensive assessment of age-appropriate vaccination coverage in 41 low- and middle-income countries, 2000-2030″
The 57th regular seminar : Dr. Josselin Thuiliez,Centre d’Économie de la Sorbonne,”An economic-epidemiological model with endogenous behavior and learning: theory and tests”
The 56th regular seminar : Stefan Lipman,Erasmus University Rotterdam,”Tailored financial incentives for health behaviour”
The 55th regular seminar : Mizanur Rahman,Hitotsubashi University,”Global, regional, and national progress in financial risk protection towards universal health coverage, 2000-2030: a Bayesian Hierarchical Analysis”
The 54th regular seminar : Kazumitsu Nawata,Hitotsubashi University,”Analyses of hypertension and diabetes using the large scale health checkup dataset and relations of mental health and working conditions”
The 53rd regular seminar : Shamima Akter,Hitotsubashi University,”Effectiveness of population level tobacco control policies to manage noncommunicable diseases: a systematic review and network meta-analysis”
The 52nd regular seminar : Ayako Honda,Hitotsubashi University,”Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic under different healthcare financing models – a comparative study of Brazil, Canada, France, and Japan”