The 26th Regular Seminar : Niels-Hugo Blunch, Washington and Lee University, USA, “Unintended Consequences: Program Evaluation and The World Bank Vs. Adult Literacy Programs and Child Mortality”
The 25th Regular Seminar : Aki Tsuchiya, The University of Sheffield, UK, “Comparing inequality and risk aversion in social welfare for health and income: an empirical analysis using hypothetical scenarios with losses”
The 24th regular seminar : Tamahi KATO (YAMAUCHI), Hitotsubashi University, “Agricultural input subsidies in sub-Saharan Africa – the case of Tanzania”
The 23rd regular seminar/Public Economics Workshop/International Seminar : Josselin Thuilliez, National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), “Information, learning and health technology adoption in the short and long run: Evidence from a field experiment in Burkina Faso.”
The 20th regular seminar/International Seminar : Andrew Mirelman, University of York, UK, “Accounting for equity in the assessment of fiscal policies for health”
UHC Forum 2017; Side Event “Strengthen Country Monitoring Systems of UHC SDG Indicators: A Case of Senegal and Global Practices”
Seminar by Sir. Michael Marmot (University College London)
Hitotsubashi University Health Economics International Workshop/the 18th regular seminar/International Seminar (Dr. Yot Teerawattananon, HITAP)
【Cancelled】 The 16th regular seminar : Guanghua Wan, Asian Development Bank (ADB), “Income Distribution and NCDs: Empirical Evidence from China.”
HIAS Seminar/The 13th regular seminar : Alisa Dicaprio, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), “Will blockchain change healthcare? Use cases, time horizon, and current state of the technology”
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